OSBlock™ – Changing Housing One Block at a Time


Taiga Building Products has just concluded a distribution agreement with the structural insulated wall manufacturer Osblock for the distribution of its products. It is an R-32 insulated structural wall “which combines ease of installation with the speed and efficiency of building responsibly”, explain the partners when announcing their alliance. “Designed and manufactured in Lac-Saint-Jean, the Osblock concept is a revolution in the world of construction applicable anywhere on the planet,” defends its president and founder, Marco Tremblay. Made of chipboard (OSB) and polystyrene, the Osblock system was launched in February 2018.

For his part, the vice-president, Eastern Canada at Taiga Building Products, Bruno Jean, is delighted with the new partnership. “Taiga will be present in all markets to promote Osblock over the coming months and will listen to merchants wishing to add this innovative product to their selection,” he said.

According to its designers, what sets Osblock insulated structural walls apart are these few features: no machinery required for installation, a screwless locking system, a very high insulating factor, 75% less labor, three times faster to install, definitely straight. In addition to these advantages, the amount of waste related to the construction site is reduced because the customer orders only what he needs. “It is therefore an interesting material for LEED construction”, assures the vice-president of Taiga.

The association between Taiga Building Products and the manufacturer Osblock quickly bore fruit since the concept of insulated structural wall was awarded the “Coup de coeur Nouveau” prize at the last Contech Show in Montreal by a jury composed of architects and construction industry influencers. Tony Lévesque, Siding Director at Taiga Building Products (left) and Marco Tremblay, President of Osblock, are delighted. Contractors and builders can obtain the services of an online estimator for their projects.