OSBLOCK redefines the traditional techniques of construction by offering a product that is modular and structural that allow quick and simple walls, while surpassing current standards in energy efficiency and durability.

No machinery needed

OSBLOCK is lightweight and easily transportable by 2 people. You will not need machinery such as cranes or forklifts on your job site.

Screwless lock system

The OSBLOCK are fixed together using an ingenious and unique system of polymer locks. Just rotate them 1/4 turn so that the building modules are easily locked together. Steel brackets are used to hold the walls at prefabricated corners.

Very high insulation factor

The two layers of polystyrene foam make OSBLOCK a material with high insulating and acoustic properties. The tests show that the OSBLOCK walls have an insulating factor equivalent to R32 and the total absence of thermal bridges.

Less manpower

Working with OSBLOCK requires less supervision and offers guaranteed quality and construction strength. On site, some "day laborers" will easily build the walls in one day. OSBLOCK building modules are 100% usable. You will no longer pay for the spaces provided for doors and windows.

Faster to install

It is easy and quick to build with the help of OSBLOCK, no need to be an expert. You will raise your walls with professional build quality without any specialized tools. OSBLOCK has a structuring capacity on all its surface. The beams can thus be fixed with stirrups or simply deposited on the blocks.

Always right

With OSBLOCK building blocks, you just have to insert the OSBLOCK corners on the starting beam and level them for a perfectly straight result everywhere.