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OSBLOCK™ Certified


Become an agent of change with OSBLOCK™

We have developed a workshop to provide a certified training to any contractors thinking about using OSBLOCK™ for their construction projects.

During the training, you will go through each steps of the installation process, exploring most of the situations you will encounter working with OSBLOCK™.

The certification is 100% refundable on your next OSBLOCK™ order.
100 blocks minimum

Certifying Installers
one block at a time

certified installers

hours training



OSBLOCK™ certified training

We regularly organize training sessions and we can also organize one for your entire team.

Fill out the following form to register for the next training or organize one in your company and we will contact you.

Become an agent of change with OSBLOCK™!

Meet OSBlock™ Certified Installers

LCC & Associés

Certified[dnxte_blurb blurb_heading="LCC & Associés" blurb_description="819-923-9736 sebastien@lcccanada.ca" dnxt_use_icon="on" dnxt_font_icon="||fa||900" font_icon_placement="dnxt-blurb-wrapper-two-left-center" font_icon_color="#fe9be8" font_icon_size="45px"...

Constructions illimitées

Certified[dnxte_blurb blurb_heading="Constructions illimitées" blurb_description="514-231-6722 stremblay@lesconstructionsillimitees.ca" dnxt_use_icon="on" dnxt_font_icon="||fa||900" font_icon_placement="dnxt-blurb-wrapper-two-left-center"...

Sogest Construction

Certified[dnxte_blurb blurb_heading="Sogest Construction" blurb_description=" 514-703-7041Info@sogestconstruction.com " dnxt_use_icon="on" dnxt_font_icon="||fa||900" font_icon_placement="dnxt-blurb-wrapper-two-left-center" font_icon_color="#fe9be8"...

Train your team

Become certified

Get referals

Register as an OSBLOCK™ installer

Several clients regularly ask us for references for contractors who have built projects with OSBLOCK™. This is why we created our register to allow a better connection between customers and manufacturers.

You have taken our training and want to be part of the register of certified installers? Fill out our online form.