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OSBLOCK™ benefits

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OSBLOCK™ is designed for

Energy Efficiency

Superior Insulation Factor
By design, OSBLOCK cuts every thermal bridge providing an effective R32 insulation factor to your projects.

LEED Certification
Earn LEEED points using OSBLOCK™ in your project and aim for higher levels of certification.

You will earn points for high the energy efficiency, low waste on site and minimal transportation since our factory is localy sourced.

Ready for the new NBC
Our product already answers insulation criteria that will be part of the newest National Building Code of Canada.

Take a step forward by choosing OSBLOCK™ for you projects and offer smarter building to your partners and customers.

Environmental Product Declaration
The OSBLOCK™ EPD will be available soon. Request information through the link below to get it.
Our goal is to maintain our commitment to measure and reduce the environmental impact of our product and report these impacts in a hyper-transparent way.

A sustainable product


Every block is used at 100%
Construction waste a lot of materials. On every site, there are always 2x6, wooden boards, insulation leftovers. That's why we wanted to create a system in which we would use all the leftovers from all our blocks.

So, everytime a block is cut, builders will use the leftover to start the next row of blocks.

100% recyclable
From our insulation foam to the OSB core, a OSBLOCK project is entirely recyclable.

not only is osb already a recycled material, but it will be fully recycled at the end of the building's life cycle.

Only one delivery for multiple steps
OSBLOCK comes already packed with insulation and strapping which means you get only one load delivered to your site.

This reduce the global footprint of our product with less transportation.

Better waste management
Construction creates a lot scraps and debris and the waste containers are filling fast every day. With OSBLOCK™, you will end up with a garbage bag full of insulation foam and OSB dust. No more multiple containers, no more waste.

OSBLOCK data and reports


Specify OSBLOCK on your projects
Here's the list of all available or soon to be documents, charts and reports about OSBLOCK™. Click the link below this section to request information about it.

Technical sheet
Ontario equivalency report

Load charter
Environmental product declaration
Soundproofing report
Fire resistance report
Blower door test results

OSBLOCK components
Our insulation foam and OSB are 100% localy sourced. Please find technical sheet from our supplier below.

Insulation foam: Polyform
OSB: West Fraser
Air-barrier: DryLine

Better acoustics


OSBLOCK™ also has great soundproofing performance.

Build in any conditions


OSBLOCK™ system is airtight. Any blower door test will give great results.

Local product


OSBLOCK™ is proud to be a product entirely made here from 100% Quebec materials.

Energy Efficiency


Buildings built with OSBLOCK™ meet all the energy efficiency criteria of the NOVO CLIMAT program.

We are manufacturers

Construction material supply is one of the most challenging issue in our industry. Delayed production or late delivery, backordered products, incomplete or inaccurate orders are common these days and it impacts everyone.

That’s why we have our own factory.

How it compares

Insulation factor
no thermal bridge
modifications on site
environmental value
tidy site
value for money
Build in remote areas
structural capacity
Traditionnal framing
Prefabricated walls
insulated concrete form
Insulation factor
no thermal bridge
modifications on site
environmental value
tidy site
value for money
Build in remote areas
structural capacity
Traditionnal framing
Prefabricated walls
insulated concrete form

OSBLOCK™ Projects

A glimpse at some OSBLOCK™ recent projects

OSBLOCK™ is perfect for agricultural projects

OSBLOCK™ is perfect foragricultural projects[dnxte_masonary gallery_ids="339415,339417,339419,339421,339423,339425,339427,339429" gallery_orderby="rand" dnxte_gutter="7" _builder_version="4.18.1" _module_preset="default"...

Need any data?

If you are looking for techincal reports, charters, data sheets to take an in-depth look at OSBLOCK™, feel free to request any additional information that would help you understand our product and specify it for any projects you may build in the future.

We have stats, test results and data available and more coming soon.

OSBlock™ an innovation for all builders


OSBlock™ simplifies construction

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