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OSBLOCK™ 25 years limited


Congratulations for the purchase of your Osblock products. You have chosen a highly isolated, stucturalproduct of unsurpassed quality. This page explains in detail the limited warranty that Osblock offers once the blocks have been installed at your construction or renovation site. Remember, your contractor is neither an employee nor a representative of Osblock. Osblock is not bound by the warranties that your contractor, or any other person who is not an authorized Osblock executive or distributor could give. Osblock offers a limited warranty subject to the terms and conditions described herein. This limited warranty covers only defects in workmanship.

The Osblock product must be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and requires the use of the supplied Osblock fasteners and parts. Installation details are available at www.osblock.ca. Osblock products must be properly installed in strict accordance with Osblock’s written instructions and local building code requirements. The warranty on this product applies for a purpose for which the equipment is intended. The warranty will be void if the product is not installed or stored properly and in accordance with the recommendations given or if the product is exposed to prolonged leakage.

Osblock warrants for a period of twenty-five (25) years (the “Limited Warranty Period”) from the date of purchase of the Osblock Products that they are free from defects in workmanship, and in normal conditions of use. This limited warranty applies only to :

  • (i) the original purchaser of the product;
  • (ii) the first owner of the building on which the product was installed;
  • (iii) the first transferee of the building

The warranty coverage of products replaced under this warranty is limited, in all cases, to the unexpired portion of the warranty and to the remainder of the coverage applicable to the products being replaced.

If, during the limited warranty period, the product exhibits a manufacturing defect, Osblock’s liability is limited to providing the person covered by the warranty with a replacement product similar to that which includes a manufacturing defect, to the customer. Exclusion of any other costs, including the cost of replacing the product. Coverage under this limited warranty is subject to the following conditions:The Covered Person shall send a written notice to Osblock within thirty (30) days of discovery of a defect covered by this Limited Warranty and prior to commencing permanent repairs;

The written claim must include the name and address of the covered person, the date of installation of the product (s) sold, the date of discovery of the alleged defect and a brief description of the alleged defect;

The written complaint must also be accompanied by photos as well as the purchase invoice and / or the original order of the defective product;

The Covered Person shall provide Osblock Representatives with regular access to the product affected by the alleged defect to enable Osblock to ascertain the alleged defect. No repair shall be made to the product until Osblock has ascertained the alleged defect unless it is urgent or for compelling reasons.Failure to provide all of the information requested or to comply with the above steps will result in the Covered Person being subject to delay in the claim and Osblock is entitled to conclude that the claim is invalid and refuse to honor the limited warranty. Approximately within 60 days of receiving the information necessary to investigate the claim, Osblock will issue a decision regarding its obligations under the Limited Warranty.

The following damages are not covered by this limited warranty, therefore, Osblock will never be liable for :

any property damage, bodily injury or financial loss resulting directly or indirectly from a manufacturing defect in the products;

any damage caused by lightning, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, earthquakes, natural disasters, fortuitous events or force majeure;

any damage to the products caused by subsidence, deformation, failure, cracking or movement of the building’s foundations, erosion, normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance;

any damage caused to the goods after their release from Osblock, either during transportation, or as a result of improper handling or storage;

any damage caused to the products as a result of Osblock’s failure to comply with the methods of installation or the non-compliance with good practice or the use of an improper product during the pose;

any damage related to loss of use of the building (loss of income (s), loss of profit (s), disturbance (s), nuisance (s) and inconvenience (s), etc.) , exemplary or punitive damages and any direct, indirect or incidental, incidental or consequential, actual or foreseeable, present or future damage attributable to any defective product and / or the removal and reinstallation of a defective product as part of the performance of this warranty.

Each of the provisions of this limited warranty is deemed to be divisible. If any provision hereof is declared, in whole or in part, unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, such illegality or invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions hereof. This limited warranty supersedes all other warranties, responsibilities, or obligations of Osblock. Osblock assumes no responsibility for oral or written representations made by its representatives, employees or anyone else with respect to its products.

Any claim or litigation in connection with this will be submitted exclusively to the competent courts in the District of Alma, Province of Quebec, Canada. This warranty is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Quebec, Canada.