OSBlock™ – Changing Housing One Block at a Time

How it works

OSBLOCK™ changes how we build in just a few steps

Construction made easy
one block at a time


easy steps

risk of errors



A new way to build

Building with OSBLOCK™ is easy.

Each block is 8 feet long and are inserted into the other to erect the insulated exterior walls.

Your building will rise from the ground within a few days. 

Interlocking system

OSBLOCK™ unique mortises and tenons system is game-changing.

Being precisely manufactured, the mortises guarantees that your walls will be straight in any situation. It reduces the risks of error and eases many construction steps.

Using our patented clips, lock each block together with the OSBLOCK™ key by a simple rotation. No screws needed.


Doors and windows
For 7 ft. and less openings, you can use OSBLOCK™ lengths as lintels.

You will use LVL beams for larger openings.

2nd floors and roof trusses
Due to his strong structural power, the OSBLOCK™ walls will support a 2nd floor or a 3rd floor as well as roof trusses.


The OSBLOCK™ is also manufactured to ease the interior finish.

Electricians will enjoy the manufactured cavity that facilitates cable pulling while the pre-strapped side will make drywall or siding installation easier.

Use it as flooring

The OSBLOCK™ lengths are so strong and well insulated that you can also use them to build your floor over the ground.

You will need to build an elevated structure to seperate the floor from the ground and then use our blocks sideways to create an insulated floor slab with OSBLOCK™.

And there you have it, another step done.

Our promise


Our production line aims for constant accuracy and reliability.


We can provide components for any project size or volume.


We can produce components in short production times.


We deliver the components from the factory to your site in one load.

OSBLOCK™ training

Discover our all-around certified workshop to learn everything you need to know about the OSBLOCK™ system.

Online ressources

Visit our knowledge base to learn everything you need to about the OSBLOCK™ system. We will walk you through all the process and make sure you are ready to build you project with OSBLOCK™.

OSBLOCK™ means


OSBLOCK™ means