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OSBLOCK™ benefits

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A huge impact


Increased Speed
Osblock walls are erected at a rate of approximately 150 blocks per day (1200 pc of walls) with a team of 3 people.

Avoid multiple deliveries
Receive the equivalent of your 2x6, R-4, Wool, Vapor barrier, furring and lintel panels in a single delivery, thus avoiding multiple deliveries and the risks that this entails.

Few tools required
Chainsaw, screwdriver, level and foam gun are the only tools necessary for mounting Osblock walls, which reduces installation time and clutter.

Better waste management
An OSBLOCK™ construction site generates little debris and no waste of materials since you work with a single product that you use entirely.

Flexibility and versatility
Changes to the plan are easily made with OSBLOCK™. Door and window openings can be easily modified even if they are already made.

Increased structuring capacity
With 7000 lbs of support per linear foot, Osblock often avoids adding columns to support high loads

Considerable gains with

Project Management

Save on manpower
Teams of only 3 people can erect OSBLOCK™ walls. Maximize less experienced workers as the risks of errors are minimal.

End of the day routine
Walls under 4' don't need to be brazed and there's only one pallet of blocks to cover and few tools to pick up.

Solve Issues of space or locations
Osblock is the option to consider when the site is located in a remote area (outfitter, far north, island), when traffic is restricted and deliveries are limited.

The blocks can be transported from a barge, sled or small trailer and the site does not require electricity.

Faster inspections
Compliance inspections are faster and done only at the end of the erection of the walls since the structure, insulation and sealing are done in a single operation.

Risks of infiltration or mold
The risks of closing walls with high humidity are avoided thanks to the Osblock waterproof system.

OSBLOCK™ gives you an edge over


A product that stands out
It is difficult to stand out in the field of building shells, because the options for alternatives are limited. With OSBLOCK™, you offer a product that sets you apart from your competitors.

Become a prestige builder
In high-end construction, most value-added products are aesthetic additions since their frame is always erected with 2x6s, insulation wool and an R-4 panel on the outside.

Thanks to the properties of OSBLOCK™ (solidity, insulation and sealing), offer real prestigious houses to your customers. Give them high-performance homes!

Develop new markets
More and more customers are now looking for walls that are different from traditional constructions for many reasons (ecological, structural, energy savings, speed of assembly, respect of deadlines)

Become an accredited installer
By being an Osblock installer you will be referred to certain projects in your area of operation. You can also offer your customers an additional option that can sometimes better meet their needs.

Build houses with


Build more efficient homes for your customers without increasing costs or complicating the process

Build in any conditions


The insulating and sealing properties of OSBLOCK™ facilitate construction in all seasons. Erect walls during winter and you will be warm quickly.

Local product


OSBLOCK™ is proud to be a product entirely made here from 100% Quebec materials.

Energy efficient


Buildings built with OSBLOCK™ meet all the energy efficiency criteria of the NOVO CLIMAT program.

Our vision

A lot has changed in the construction industry through decades: the machinery and the tools we use, insulation, doors and windows, siding and so many more. And yet, we are still erecting walls using 2×6 stick framing.

Marco Tremblay had something else in mind when he founded OSBLOCK™. He had a true desire for change.

Become certified

We offer a 4 hours certified training to builders and developers that want to join OSBLOCK™ revolution.

The workshop covers every steps of the construction workflow as well as specific cases you may encounter building your project.

Maximize your team productivity and get certified.


OSBlock™ an innovation for all builders


OSBlock™ simplifies construction

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