OSBlock™ – Changing Housing One Block at a Time

The manufacturing power behind OSBLOCK™

Our factory.

A 4.0 powerhouse

In 2020, we designed and built our brand new factory in Quebec, Canada.

We wanted to consolidate the engineering of OSBLOCK™ into a fully automated manufacturing chain to provide constant precision, accuracy, production volume and quality of product.

The more a product is reliable, the less risk of errors there is. 

With local suppliers

To protect our chain of supply,  we partnered with local suppliers to make sure we could honor any orders, any day and anytime. From the OSB to the insulation foam, everything is locally sourced in a close range to our factory.

And since you get the product direct from the manufacturer, your project is in the hand of our first line experts throughout the process.

Made for builders

Construction material supply is one of the most challenging issue in our industry. Delayed production or late delivery, backordered products, incomplete or inaccurate orders are common these days and it impacts everyone.

That’s why we needed to upgrade our facilities to make sure we can provide any kind of projects, anywhere in the country.

Now, we can produce OSBLOCK™ faster than ever.



Our promise


Our production line aims for constant accuracy and reliability.


We can provide components for any project size or volume.


We can produce components in short production times.


We deliver the components from the factory to your site in one load.

Expand our horizons

As construction methods evolve and the need for more sustainable housing grows all around the world we are looking forward to get involve on a global basis.

Considering the shortage of supplies and labour as a global crisis, OSBlock might as well be a solution to build smarter, faster, in a more sustainable fashion.

Let’s change the way we build globally.