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Learn how to prepare to build with OSBLOCK™

Before you get started

Before you get started.Before you start, make sure the quality of the level, the square and the alignment of the base that will receive your walls. Osblock can take a 1/8'' variant. The correction will happen by itself at the 3rd row of blocks. If the level of the...

Required tools and hardware

Required tools and hardware. • #10 2 1/2'' and 3 1/2'' flat head screws• Low expansion urethane foam (1 can per 10 blocks)• Wood strapping• 1/2'' OSB or plywood board• 2'' insulation foam• Air barrier• LVL Beams - If you have 7'+ window frames • Chainsaw• Level• Foam...


Learn everything you need to know about the OSBLOCK™ workflow.

Install the starting rail

Install the starting rail.The starting rails must be assembled at 45 degrees. They must be fixed from their thick parts, do not nail or screw anything in the groove of the rail. Before screwing (3 1/2” screw recommended) or nailing the rail, it is recommended to...

Install the corners

Install the corners.Apply urethane foam inside the rail.Insert the corner in the railLevel the corner on both sides.Brace the corner piece with 2 x 4.

Erect the walls

Erect the walls.Insert the Easy-lock clips underneath the OSBLOCK™Insulate inside the rail using urethane.Insulate inside the side mortise as well.Insert the OSBLOCK™ length in the rail.Lock the block in place with a 1/4 rotation using the OSBLOCK™ keyCut the tenon...

Doors and windows

Doors and windows.What you need to knowThe OSBLOCK™ system greatly simplifies the installation of doors and windows. Every block measures 11' 3/4'' of height so the OSBLOCK™ row will adjust to the standard height of doors and windows (84” at the top). Doors and...

Ending rail

Install the ending rail.Insulate inside the rail of the last OSBLOCK™ row .Slide the ending rail in the groove of the last OSBLOCK™ row.On each corner, cut 4 inches into the tenon of one of the rail to make sure the joint is seamless.The OSBLOCK™ wall is now ready to...

Final steps

Final steps.Once your walls are erected, doors and windows openings made and your ending rail fixed, you need to make sure the structure is sealed using urethane. Pay a special attention to the corner joints.A strip of rigid insulation must be installed at the bottom...

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