OSBlock™ – Changing Housing One Block at a Time

OSBLOCK™ Business


Expand our horizons

As construction methods evolve and the need for more sustainable housing grows all around the world we are looking forward to get involve on a global basis.

Considering the shortage of supplies and labour as a global crisis, OSBLOCK™ might as well be a solution to build smarter, faster, in a more sustainable fashion.

Let’s change the way we build globally.

Build your own factory

There are recycled materials everywhere in the world. We can bring the OSBLOCK™ technology to you and build your own factory.

Get started with our model state-of-the-art factory. We wanna help you through the whole process.

Let’s make the revolution together.

Become a reseller

We always searching to expand our distribution network. Either you are a local, regional, provincial or state supplier, we are open to business.

We are looking to expand through Canada and United States. Contact our CEO, Marco Tremblay.

We are looking forward to build a stronger network with you as partner.

Will you be part of it?

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