OSBlock™ – Changing Housing One Block at a Time

Behind the scenes at OSBLOCK™

About us.

The vision

Marco Tremblay worked in and around the construction industry for decades before inventing OSBLOCK™. Through each of his projects and businesses, he has been able to understand how the industry evolved and what was still to be done.

We now have access to powerful tools and machinery, doors and windows technology is getting more efficient every year, we build smarter houses, but when it gets to erecting walls, we are stuck in the past.

Marco had something else in mind when he founded OSBLOCK™ and based on his strong knowledge and experience as a builder, he designed and engineered OSBLOCK™ in such an innovative way that it could become a groundbreaking product for housing future.


Our Core Values


Building greater homes


Developping new techniques


Save time and money


Developers, home builder and professionnals

Manufacturing for builders

Construction material supply is one of the most challenging issue in our industry. Delayed production or late delivery, backordered products, incomplete or inaccurate orders are common these days and it impacts everyone.

To protect our chain of supply,  we partnered with local suppliers to make sure we could honor any orders, any day and anytime. From the OSB to the insulation foam, everything is locally sourced in a close range to our factory.

And since you get the product direct from the manufacturer, your project is in the hand of our first line experts throughout the process.


In our 4.0 Factory

In 2020, we designed and built our brand new factory in Quebec, Canada.

We wanted to consolidate the engineering of OSBLOCK™ into a fully automated manufacturing chain to provide faster production time than ever and a constant product.

Our installations are 100% duplicable and we’d love to help you setup your own OSBLOCK™ factory. Feel free to explore available business opportunities.

We define tomorrow's housing

We live in a time where sustainability becomes a need and not only an option. We need to put recycled materials to work in our industry, we need to stop wasting materials, we need to lower our global footprint.

We need to build in a smarter way. 

That’s another aspect of OSBLOCK ingenuity. We designed a system in which every piece of material is used so it’s close-to-zero waste construction. Keep your site tidy and your scrap load at a minimum.

OSBLOCK™ an innovation for all builders


OSBLOCK™ simplifies construction

How it works