Very efficient, the process includes only 3 components: the foundations (pieces of wood lying on the foundation), the blocks and the corners. Starting from the seat, the blocks successively fit together using an ingenious anchoring method, to finally be connected at their ends by a system of brackets and hinges, the corners.

Even simpler than an IKEA piece of furniture, assembly is therefore within anyone’s reach. What’s more, the process does not require any specialized equipment.


Unlike a conventional construction site, the system does not generate losses.

“OSBlock does not generate any loss. If at the end there is a 6-inch piece left, we put it back on another job site, that’s it,” says Marco Tremblay.

In addition, the insulating properties of the blocks leave the competition far behind.

“It is the most insulating building material on the market. The average of a conventional wall is R12, we have R32 in all respects”, specifies Marco Tremblay.

In this way, the buildings signed OSBlock allow a great energy saving, which is also profitable for the portfolio of the customers.

If the materials have evolved a lot in the last decades, Marco Tremblay maintains that it is high time that the techniques follow suit.