OSBlock™ – Changing Housing One Block at a Time

We make house components that automate construction,” explains Claude Chassé, vice-president of business development in Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.
As a sales strategy, OSBLOCK first bet on the web. “The launch had the effect of a bomb,” says Mr. Chassé. In 2019, the company entered into a distribution agreement with Taiga Building Products to develop the hardware store network. “It turned out to be an effective operation,” says Mr. Chassé. Hardware stores are close to their customers who in turn can influence the manufacturer to choose our products.” That said, changing ways is never easy. “There is still a lot of education to be done with merchants to demonstrate the benefits of our product, but we are getting there step by step.”

To better cope with the growth in demand, the company, which employs Erect walls like Lego blocks In 2018, OSBLOCK launched a product that was intended to be revolutionary: modules made of wood and polystyrene panels that allow d build walls like Lego blocks. currently about ten people, decided to invest to increase its production capacity. This is all the more necessary since, since last fall, OSBLOCK has seen the demand for its modules skyrocket with the increase in the price of lumber. A new 30,000 sq. ft. plant will be put into operation shortly. This will allow her to add an automated production line for which she received a $440,000 grant from the federal government. “We will thus be able to produce 800 blocks per day, instead of 200. This is the equivalent of one house per hour.”

OSBLOCK, which has other products in development, is targeting export markets, including the United States and the Caribbean. “Demand is very strong there, higher than here, reveals Claude Chassé. In 2021, we want sales abroad to represent 10% to 15% of our turnover. Europe is also in our sights.”

In eight hours, three workers can erect a 30′ x 40′ square house, instead of 32 hours with the traditional construction method. – Claude Chasse, OSBLOCK

The OSBLOCK solution

A three-inch plywood (OSB) main structure that is covered with two layers of expanded polystyrene, a rigid insulation that does not degrade. These modules offer multiple advantages. “They are light and easily transportable,” explains Claude Chassé. They allow a superior level of insulation which eliminates thermal bridges. And their installation can be done quickly in addition to requiring less manpower.”